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Plastic Surgery

Skin Cancer

Skin malignancies are the commonest cancers in Australia, and there are two broad types. The vast majority are tumours arising from the non-pigmented cells of the skin, the keratinocytes. These are basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs).

Facial Trauma

Any injury to the face and upper jaw bone may be referred to as facial trauma. Facial trauma occurs as a result of blunt or penetrating injuries to any part of the face, including the upper and lower jaws, cheeks, nose, and forehead areas. Facial injuries can cause fractures to any of the facial bones and damage the skin and soft tissues leading to disfigurement and long-term psychological problems.

Burns & Scar Management

A burn is an injury to the skin caused by its exposure to extreme heat like steam, chemicals or fire. Burns can be minor, which heal without the need for treatment, severe, requiring hospitalization

Lower Limb Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery is a procedure wherein injured areas or defects are corrected by using flaps of tissue, skin, bone or metalwork, along with underlying blood vessels or muscle to rebuild the damaged tissues.

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